Our version of Gary Moore’s Empty Rooms.

Our first studio production featuring Chesca on vocals. Shonky but not too shabby.

So Captain says, ere, listen to this, I’ve always wanted to do a version of this…. Wassat says I, Mothers of the disappeared by U2. Never heard of it, says I, can’t stand U2, but he played it and I thought, yeah, I can do summat with that. So this is what we came up with, recorded on a mobile phone, which is why the sound quality is shite. Afterwards I was curious to hear the original. Glad I didn’t listen to it before I played it as I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

A very Shonky version of  Under the Milky way by Church.

Er… do you want a Mars with that?

We can do BUFTY music too!

We just love the blues. Clip from a gig at the Boundary House Inn, Swindon.