Warning! May become unstable when given alcohol.


Captain Knuckledragger: Guitar, Bass and vocals

Shonky Zip:
 Guitar, Gob Iron, Bass and vocals

 Vocals, cynthia size a and the closest we have to a responsible adult.


So Captain says, ere, listen to this, I’ve always wanted to do a version of this…. Wassat says I, Mothers of the disappeared by U2. Never heard of it, says I, can’t stand U2, but he played it and I thought, yeah, I can do summat with that. So this is what we came up with, recorded on a mobile phone, which is why the sound quality is shite. Afterwards I was curious to hear the original. Glad I didn’t listen to it before I played it as I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

A very Shonky version of  Under the Milky way by Church.

Er… do you want a Mars with that?