Shonky at the Bell & Crown, Warminster

December 3rd 2022 from 7pm

Our mission: Raising funds for a worthy cause. 

The bribe: Free beer for the band….woohoo!

The setup: We kick off with a few mellow numbers while we sort out the chaos which is Shonky, sound levels, spaghetti wires, set list (subject to on the spot ammendments).

Then Elvis (really!) will be in the building to bash out a few firm favourites.

By that time we should be drunk enough to finish up with some upbeat (or downbeat, depending on current level of sobriety) songs to finish with.

After which the hat will be passed around for funds toward the maintenance of the local defib (for those unfortunate enough to have a spontaneous clutcher). This could be your lifesaver so be generous!

See you there and mind how you go.

MBR 2022

We  are playing our first gig as Trip Hazard at the fundraiser on 8th of April. Why not come along for a laugh/hurl abuse/raise funds for the Air Ambulance. Should be a stonky, shonky weekend…..see you there.

Little Jo’s 50th


In the middle of nowhere in deepest, darkest Wales. Should be a good un.

25 degrees in Wales! Scorching weekend, great views, company and food.

No sleep…..nope….nada

but we have been inspired by the recent event to compose a new work of art. 

And here it is……