Darran’s Birthday Bash

Was asked to do a gig for me ol muckah Darran at the Boundary Pub in Swindon. 

We had a riot with some fine Swindon folk, who gave us a warm welcome. Usual Les Dawson moments but luckily, everyone was too pissed to notice.

Landlady has booked us in proper for the end of November.

Can’t wait 😀

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The Rose & Crown

Bonkers night. Plug and Mr Trev turned up and proceeded to hurl much abuse, as expected. 

Everybody got pissed and a good time was had by all.

It seemed to go down well and we didn’t have to wear riot gear (bonus). Nobody seemed to notice the odd Les Dawson moments and I reckon we did alright.

Happy daze 🙂

Roll on the next gig.